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    Business valuation and financial consulting

    As a legal person, regardless of the quality and valid business you are facing with payment delay of your goods and services, and ultimately the fall of liquidity and weakening credit standing. This creates slowing down or fall of the dynamics of your business and the development of your company, the fall of reputation and profitability, emerging problems in servicing of the basic needs such as salaries of employees or payment the bills. In addition, you seem to spend too much time on solving financial problems, instead of focusing on your core business. 4Capital can help you do this! More...

    Personal financial advisory

    As a physical person surely you want to know whether it is better to save money in the bank or keep it at home. Maybe you feel that now is the right time to invest, but you are not sure of what or how, you are currently in the bad financial situation and do not know how to get out of it, or you want to achieve some long-term goals, but do not see how that would be. These are just some issues that the average citizen is asking himself today, but surrounded by large number of information and offer can not choose the right solution. 4Capital can help you do this! More...


    Investment funds

    Investment funds are financial institutions or institutional investors who collect funds from their investors and placed them in short-term and long-term investments, in various financial forms. More...

    Open-end investment funds

    Open-end investment funds (open-end investment funds with public offering) are a type of investment funds whose assets are distributed to an unlimited and proportionate number of shares, without legal personality and are a separate asset. More...

    Others investments

    Advantages and disadvantages some of the other forms of investment More...